Rehydrating Freeze Dried Eggs

To freeze dry raw eggs, whisk them before pouring onto a freeze drying tray. Freeze dried eggs will powder really easily and to rehydrate, just add water. You can also make delicious scrambled eggs and freeze dry them. Try adding cheese or bits of ham and you can easily reconstitute later with a little water in the microwave or in a skillet on the stovetop.


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    I have a freeze dryer and love it. I have dried lots of raw eggs. I have looked and looked for how much water to add to my 2 Tablespoons of egg to make 1 egg. No answer to be found. They all say just add water. I know that HOW MUCH WATER though?? Please help me, sometimes I would like to add an egg to a recipe I can’t leave to liquid the same though

    • Do you have a scale at home? You could try weighing your tray with the fresh eggs on it, and write down the number of eggs you have on the tray. Then, dry the tray, and weigh the tray when it is done, before you take off the dried eggs. Then subtract the weight of the fresh eggs from the weight of the dried eggs, and divide that weight by the total number of eggs you had on the tray. This will be the weight of water that was originally in each egg that was lost. You should be able to add that amount of water to each egg to reconstitute it. Water is 1 g per mL at room temperature. Then you can use 1 Tbs of water = 15 grams of water to convert to tablespoons of water to add per egg. I hope this helps.

    • We have found that a 1 to 1.5 ratio is perfect for us. So for 1 Tablespoon egg powder we add 1.5 Tablespoon water. You can experiment with it.

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