Freeze-dried Food in Space

Most likely, the first thing your average person thinks of if you mention freeze-dried food is astronaut ice cream. While in all likelihood freeze-dried ice cream never actually made it to space, NASA has extensively used the process of freeze drying to make space mission meals. The first meal ever eaten on the surface of Read more

Missoula Brothers Launch Freeze-Dried Meal Company

Brothers Ben and John Ritner loved going on hiking trips together, but what they didn’t love was eating bland, salty freeze-dried meals. One day while sitting around the campfire they came up with a plan – to make freeze-dried meals better. John, who attended culinary school, and Ben, who studied web development and business, decided Read more

Getting Ready for the Appalachian Trail

Gorgi Rigby not only turns 60 on June 22 but also starts a journey she has dreamed about for years – hiking the Appalachian Trail. Gorgi will be accompanied on this quest with her older sister Melanie. Melanie will turn 62 in August and is the mother of 5 children and 13 grandchildren. The Rigby Read more

Backpacking and Burning Calories

Have you ever wondered just how many calories you burn while backpacking? The short answer – a lot! Of course, to figure out an exact number is a little difficult and can depend on a number of factors, including body weight, pack weight, elevation gain, terrain, and more. But it is possible to come up Read more

Freeze Drying Chili

Chili is one of those meals we never get tired of, and we never get tired of experimenting with. In the winter we make thick, meaty, spicy chilis that are warming from the inside out. In spring, we lighten up our recipes – replacing ground beef, shredded turkey or cubed steak with vegetables such as Read more

We Ate Like Kings!

We Ate Like Kings! This story was taken from Facebook (with permission) from one of our customers, Carol A., in Utah. I’ve had a very busy summer spent mostly dry camping (no hookups) … I got our freeze dryer at Christmas (2016) and ran it almost 24-7 until summer started. I purposely focused on one-dish Read more