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Unlike canning and other ways of preserving food, freeze drying causes very little damage to the nutritional value of your food. Freeze-dried foods retain around 97% of the nutrients.

Special diets

A home freeze dryer can help you make sure you always have access to fresh, tasty food that works with your dietary considerations. Freeze-dried food is perfect for those who eat gluten-free, raw food, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, or suffer from food allergies.

Prevent food waste

The average American family wastes a lot of food. A recent study by the USDA found that the average American wastes about one pound of food per day, which can cost the average family up to $2,400 per year. Preserve the healthy food you buy or grow with a home freeze dryer and save money by eliminating waste.

Healthy Living

A Harvest Right freeze dryer opens up a world of healthy food choices. Your favorite fresh foods can be ready when you are. You and your kids will love the healthy snacks you can make with a home freeze dryer.



Food Maintains
Flavor and Freshness

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Shelf Life

Food Lasts Up to
25 years

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Food Retains 97%
of Its Nutrition

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Preserve Dairy, Meat, Produce
and Complete Meals

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Smart Technology Makes
Everything Automatic

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Home Freeze Dried Food is
1⁄3 the Cost of Store Bought

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