About us

FreezeDry.lt is an authorized representative of the american lyophilizer manufacturer „Harvest Right“ in Lithuania.

“Harvest right” freeze dryers are the products that combine:

– healthy food,

– innovative technologies,

– sustainability ideas.

And you can use it at home or  in business.

We believe in this product, so we want to share our experience and knowledge.

Our goals:

– help you choose the optimal freeze dryer option that would meet your expectations and needs;

– to guarantee the fulfillment of the assumed obligations, to ensure fair operations, safe client, trust of our employees and business partners in us;

– to provide the customer not only  comprehensive equipment maintenance, but also  the maximum benefit at the optimal price,  immeasurable security and peace of mind due to the longevity of the purchase.

FreezeDry.lt’s a team of experienced sales people standing out with professional and pleasant consulting, and qualified craftsmen – with quality technical service.

The FreezeDry.lt team will provide detailed information not only during the purchase, but also consult during operating . Because we sincerely care that by purchasing this Harvest Right freeze dryer, you can make the most of it at home, in your farm, in the laboratory or in your business.