1.1 The costs of delivery of the main goods (complete lyophilizers and vacuum pumps) in Lithuania shall be borne by the Seller, except in special cases, or by separate agreements between the Seller and the Buyer. The Buyer pays for the delivery of all separately ordered additional goods – spare parts.

1.2 The Seller undertakes to make every effort to deliver the ordered Goods within the terms specified in the confirmation of dispatch or clarifications (unless unforeseen circumstances arise). The goods are delivered to the address specified in the order.

1.3 The Seller undertakes to make every effort to deliver the Goods as soon as possible after the confirmation of the order.

1.4 The Seller shall notify the Buyer of the delay in delivery, but shall not be liable for any losses incurred by the Buyer due to unavoidable and unforeseen delays.

1.5 If delivery is not possible, the Seller undertakes to inform the Buyer.

1.6 If the Buyer refuses to accept the Goods due to non-compliance with quality or other requirements or due to refusal of the contract in accordance with Article 6.367 of the CC of the Republic of Lithuania, the Seller shall return the money paid by the Buyer within 30 days.

1.7 In the case of purchase and sale of items, the buyer may exercise the right to terminate the contract if the item has not been damaged or its appearance has not substantially changed. Changes in the appearance of the item or its packaging that were necessary to inspect the received item cannot be considered as substantial changes in the appearance of the item.

1.8 Upon receipt of the notice of withdrawal within 7 days from the submission of the order, the Seller must pick up the Goods and return the money paid for the Goods to the Buyer within fifteen days.

1.9 During the delivery of the Goods, the Buyer shall inspect the packaging of the Goods and, if he notices damage to the packaging, shall not accept the delivered Goods.

1.10 If the buyer does not have the opportunity to inspect the condition of the Goods, the “unchecked” box must be marked on the delivery note.

Returning the goods


2.1 The returned product must be in undamaged, branded packaging, unused, without losing its commercial appearance.

2.2 The Seller has the right not to accept the goods returned by the Buyer if the Buyer does not follow the procedure for returning the goods set out in this Article.

2.3 The buyer has the right to return a defective product.

2.4 The Buyer must report a defective product within 3 days of receipt.

2.5 In the event that the goods are returned in accordance with clause 2.1., The Buyer must pay the costs of returning the goods.

2.6 In the event that the goods are returned in accordance with clause 2.4., The Seller undertakes to reimburse the costs of returning the goods to the Buyer.

2.7 Return and exchange of goods shall be carried out in accordance with the Minister of Economy’s 2001 June 29 by order no. 217 “Return and Exchange Rules” approved by the Minister of Economy. August 17 by order no. 258 approved “Rules for the sale of goods and provision of services when contracts are concluded by means of communication”.