What is a Lyophilizer?

Lyophilizer vs. Freeze Dryer What is a lyophilizer? How does it work? Lyophilizer and freeze dryer are synonymous names for the same equipment. A lyophilizer executes a water removal process typically used to preserve perishable materials, to extend shelf life or make the material more convenient for transport. Lyophilizers work by freezing the material, then Read more

Turning Your Freeze Dryer into Money

As sales of Harvest Right Freeze Dryers skyrocket, many of the owners are using their machines to counteract the economic impact of Covid-related shutdowns and layoffs. Purchasing a freeze dryer isn’t like buying a dehydrator. This is a serious investment, and there are many ways to use the machine to pay for itself. While many Read more

Missoula Brothers Launch Freeze-Dried Meal Company

Brothers Ben and John Ritner loved going on hiking trips together, but what they didn’t love was eating bland, salty freeze-dried meals. One day while sitting around the campfire they came up with a plan – to make freeze-dried meals better. John, who attended culinary school, and Ben, who studied web development and business, decided Read more