How to Freeze dry Eggs

Freeze drying eggs is one of the best uses for your home freeze dryer. If stored properly, freeze-dried eggs can last for years and still work perfectly in recipes. Plus, they take up much less space than whole eggs. Here’s what you need to know. Instructions: How to Freeze Dry Eggs 1. Prepare the eggs Read more

Freeze Dryers Perfect for Specialty Diets

The best part of using a home freeze dryer from Harvest Right is the ability it gives you to freeze dry the foods you prefer to eat. People on special diets (or who just like to eat healthy) love the flexibility and choices that home freeze drying provides. Instead of purchasing store-bought freeze-dried food (along Read more

Methods for Storing Preserved Food

When storing food long term, it is critical to not allow bacteria to destroy your food. Bacteria need moisture, oxygen, light, and warmth to grow. Freeze drying food is great at eliminating moisture, but it still needs to be stored properly to ensure long-term usage. Mylar bags are great at not allowing in light or Read more

Creating a Winter Emergency Food Storage Plan

Well, as they say, Winter is Coming. The last two winters were brutal in nearly every state of the Union – even those without snowfall saw record colds and even some ice. Predictions are that this winter will be dangerously cold and that every state where it can snow, it will snow. Snow and cold Read more

Busy Mom Loves Her Freeze Dryer

If there’s one thing Brigette Petersen knows a bit about, it’s stretching a dollar – and an hour. The busy wife and mother of three knows what it’s like to look for the cheap and fast solution when it comes to preparing meals and feeding the family. But a nightly dinner of chicken nuggets and Read more

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