There is no better time than now to create a food storage

Overall inflation rates rose to 6.8% over the previous year, marking the fastest annual increase in the inflation rate since June 1982, according to the latest consumer price index from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The impact of inflation can especially be seen in grocery stores with prices for meat, poultry, fish, and eggs increasing by nearly 13%. Besides seeing higher prices, labor shortages, supply chain disruptions and high demand have also caused many grocery items to be out of stock – leaving grocery store shelves bare.

While many people naively think that grocery stores will just always be full of food, disruptions that cause major issues are actually very common. Besides global pandemics, natural disasters, economic issues, domestic or foreign unrest, trade embargoes, and many other things can cause supply chain issues and higher grocery costs. This is why many people feel more secure when they have a large food storage that they can rely on.

Dana Gunders, a Natural Resources Defense Council project scientist said in a news article, “With the price of food continuing to grow, and drought jeopardizing farmers nationwide, now is the time to embrace all the tremendous untapped opportunities to get more out of our food system. We can do better.”

One of the best ways to “do better” is by saving your food with a freeze dryer from Harvest Right. As a food preservation method, it is easier than canning and dehydrating and will last 7 to 8 times as long. Just put your leftover meals and store-bought or garden-fresh fruits and vegetables in your freeze dryer and push start. You can also preserve meats, dairy, soups, and even ice cream! In about one day, this food is ready to be packaged and added to your emergency food storage.

With a large food storage full of your favorite foods, you and your family will never again have to worry about rising grocery costs or empty store shelves. Learn more about Harvest Right freeze dryers and how you can get started in creating the food storage you’ve always dreamed of having by visiting

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