HOW TO FREEZE DRY TURKEY DISHES If you’ve seen my youtube channel freezedryingmama, you know I like food. Like, a lot of food. In fact, second only to Veteran’s Day, my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because to celebrate we’re expected to sit around and eat and be thankful. I can do those. Easy. Plus, I Read more

Freeze-dried Food in Space

Most likely, the first thing your average person thinks of if you mention freeze-dried food is astronaut ice cream. While in all likelihood freeze-dried ice cream never actually made it to space, NASA has extensively used the process of freeze drying to make space mission meals. The first meal ever eaten on the surface of Read more

Methods for Storing Preserved Food

When storing food long term, it is critical to not allow bacteria to destroy your food. Bacteria need moisture, oxygen, light, and warmth to grow. Freeze drying food is great at eliminating moisture, but it still needs to be stored properly to ensure long-term usage. Mylar bags are great at not allowing in light or Read more

Rehydrating Freeze Dried Full Meals, Breads and Cakes

Harvest Right freeze dryers make it easy to freeze dry full meals, even in one cycle. You can place different foods on separate trays (or on the same tray) and there won’t be any flavor transference (foods with strong flavors/scents such as onions, garlic, and jalapeños may have some flavor transfer and may be an exception Read more

Rehydrating Freeze Dried Eggs

To freeze dry raw eggs, whisk them before pouring onto a freeze drying tray. Freeze dried eggs will powder really easily and to rehydrate, just add water. You can also make delicious scrambled eggs and freeze dry them. Try adding cheese or bits of ham and you can easily reconstitute later with a little water Read more

Rehydrating Freeze Dried Dairy

Freeze-dried dairy products are some of the most versatile ingredients you can have in your pantry. Dairy is not only easy to freeze dry, it’s easy to rehydrate and use in recipes. For example, yogurt is high in protein, so adding it to your breakfast oatmeal adds to the nutritional content. Yogurt drops are a Read more