How to create a food supply and save money

Everyone has their reasons for wanting a pantry full of a year’s worth of food. If you are still on the fence about the benefits of having food storage for you and your family, here are just a few reasons why it makes sense and how a freeze dryer from Harvest Right makes creating a food storage easy and extremely affordable.

Save Money – The one difficulty for many people when it comes to creating a long-term food storage is the cost. Purchasing freeze-dried food online or from a store can be expensive. Just one meal for a single person can cost more than $10. Mountain House, a leading manufacturer of freeze-dried food, sells a #10 can of freeze-dried diced chicken for $63! They also currently offer a 1-year supply of food for a single person for $8,437.90 – and that is on sale!

A freeze dryer from Harvest Right allows you to easily create a 1-year supply of food for a significant lower cost. And the best part about making your own freeze-dried food is you get to control the ingredients and can preserve the foods that you and your family already enjoy.

With a medium freeze dryer from Harvest Right, you could freeze dry garden produce, leftovers, and bulk food purchases and, after one year, end up with 300 #10 cans worth of food. That is enough to feed a family of four for close to a year! Of course, the best thing about freeze drying at home is you can actually use the food whenever you want and you can be continually adding to it.

Less Waste – Using your own garden produce and leftovers is a great way to create a food storage. Food that would otherwise go to waste ends up becoming food storage.

Emergencies – Emergencies can be natural disasters, a pandemic, a loss of a job, or an unfortunate injury. Many things can fall into the “emergency” category and most of us will experience one (or even more) in our lifetime. Having a food storage can help give peace of mind in a time that you need it most.

Save Time – Having a food storage that you can actually use helps you save time. Having food stored in your own house will minimize the time you spend at stores and the time you spend preparing meals.

When comparing the benefits to buying freeze-dried food and making it yourself, the answer is easy – save time and A LOT OF MONEY by freeze drying at home with a freeze dryer from Harvest Right.

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